Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cut & Run Exhibition - The Opening

Here are a few shots from the opening night of the Cut & Run Exhibition at Kemistry.
The show was a mix of paintings, prints and sculptures created by Me, Ryan Chapman, Matthew Dent and Matt Bromley and was all planned and put together by Ryan.

Here are my acrylic paintings from the show, on a mixture of canvas and canvas paper. My images centered around revenge, murder, anxiety and loss. People being plagued by heinous acts they commited, and the ghosts that haunt them. I painted a fair few severed heads for good measure.

Here are Ryan Chapman's fantastic paintings. Ryan's work focussed around a series of characters that cut away from their jobs and normal lives, and ran off to persue what made them happy. He made some incredible bottled ships to accompany his work.

Matthew Dent created an amazing story through his series of prints, based around the concept of two rival gangs 'The Cutters' and 'The Runners' along with resin casted figurines of the gang members.

Matt Bromley created some very lively paintings which were accompanied by some brilliant severed heads, the trophies of his very cute but deadly hunters.

And here we have people enjoying the show. Thank you to everyone who made it to the opening, it was great to meet so many new people.
The show runs through until the 28th of Janurary in London.

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Kirsten (crying) said...

I wanted to buy Doubt, but it's gone and I'm so sad…