Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Big Chill - Illustrator in Residence

I've been dying to put this up for a long time, this year i've been working with The Big Chill as their illustrator in residence and I've been creating elements and characters for promotional material, flyers and posters. Here is an A2 poster I've designed for them bringing together all of the characters and elements I've worked on.
Here are a close ups and details from the poster:


Lesley Barnes said...


emma lewis said...

this is lush jack!

Vicksoir said...

This stuff is really good, so bright and fun!

Rob Hodgson said...

Well nice Jack. Looks unintentionally like Howard Finster when all of them come together like that. Really cool.

Found a rain soaked Big Chill poster on the way home the other day. So funny, just one of your drawings on the floor!

lee said...

Any idea if your work will be featured on cups? They did some last year which were cool, would love to see some with your work on.

Jack Teagle said...

Thanks everyone!

Thanks Rob! I'm a big fan of his work.

Thanks Lee, I'm not sure if they are. I'd love to have some cup designs, maybe next year, I'm hoping it phases into the festival a little more next year.