Friday, 17 June 2011

Fight Comic #1 Pre-Order!

 I've been busy recently getting Fight #1 ready for print.
It's available to pre-order from Nobrow Press!

Here's a little preview, the first 2 pages.
Here's a little more about the comic:

Fight! # 1 introduces us to Lou (short for Lucifer), a British professional wrestler in his mid thirties. His career as the malevolent Diablo could never have been better, he has hundreds of expectant wrestling fans that queue every Thursday to watch him battle his fierce enemy Savior – the long locked, golden-skinned ‘good guy’. But Lou isn’t quite happy… You see Lou, both on and off stage, has the appearance of a devil. But in reality you could not find a milder mannered or gentle creature. Lou desperately yearns to be appreciated for who he is and not what he looks like, unfortunately being bright red and having horns doesn’t do him any favours.

Remember to check out it out on the Nobrow site.

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