Friday, 12 November 2010

A look in the studio

I know a lot of people show their work spaces, but I've been going on and on about showing people where I work for some time. I work in a 8x16 foot old shipping container with my girlfriend Donya Todd on a farm in Cornwall.

So here it is! My side at least anyway. I wanted to focus in on some of the toys I keep hanging about on the bookshelves too. These are only a fraction of what I own. I have some pretty big collections of vintage Star Wars figures, Turtles, Ghostbusters and Thundercats in storage.

Hopefully it's not too messy.

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jangojim said...

SO COOL ! yes to big toy collections ! I've got a pretty big star wars collection myself :). too bad I never got the ghostbuster toys as a kid. and the horror: my thundercats toys were given away to poor kids in india. weep ! hope there's some happy kids out there now, because I really miss those toys..

anways, I love the happy creative mood full of pop culture references, you've created in your work space. It definitely shows through your work!