Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Jeff Job Hunter - Released by Nobrow Press

Jeff Job Hunter has been released! Published by Nobrow press.

Jeff thinks he is on his way to the Job Centre to pick up his monthly benefit payment when in fact he is about to embark on a quest of Ulyssean proportions. As Jeff slashes and punches his way through the red tape and bureaucracy of the Job Centre’s dungeon of terror, he approaches the terrifying Minotaur whom he must defeat to pick up his next meal ticket. Little does he know that the object of his epic quest is just a bad tempered HR manager with a paper-load the size of a Kraken and a mood to match it.

Jeff Job Hunter is a 24 page, 4 colour comic part of the new Nobrow Press 17x23 series which encourages young graphic artists to create one off stories.

Jeff Job Hunter is available to buy at: Nobrow.net


bobbymono said...

I'm getting one of these for my birthday and I'm pretty damn excited.

ScottJasonSmith said...

Looks great!