Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Publicis Poster Design

I worked through the YCN on this recent project to design a poster for the Publicis advertising group. The idea behind the poster was to show how ideas are taken through different stages before they are re-worked on or taken to a final stage to the public.
Here are some of the character designs in detail which I created for the poster. Each of the characters represent different phases in developing ideas.

This is the final image I sent to Publicis. I worked digitally to keep each character seperate so they were easy to move if alterations were to be made.

With a few alterations made over by the graphic designers at Publicis, here is the finished poster. A chart of ideas generation was printed on the reverse of the poster.
It was a great project to get stuck into and quite unlike anything I have had to work on yet.


george kelly johnson said...

this one reminds me of richard scarry

eleanor stewart said...

the poster is so rad!