Thursday, 14 January 2010

Draw a Dream

This is a piece I created for a book project called 'Elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca' . The project illustrates dreams of children from 4th grade that have been collected from schools, with a lot of great illustrators taking part.

My dream was:
'I dreamed there was a giant ball of hair that wanted to eat us. In the corridor there were axes, hammers and knives. And the dining room was full of snakes. The ball of hair was hungry and ate the snakes and fell through the window.'
(Yoli/ Spain/ Girl)

A book publishing the 200 artworks is available later in the year.
More information available here


Benjamin Wright said...

wow jack, this could possibly be my favourite piece you've done yet!

migue said...


Nobrow said...

hey jack, can i buy this off you? al

Anonymous said...

will you have a copy of this available for purchase? if so, how would I be able to purchase one?

Jack Teagle said...

Hi Karen,

I'm hopefully getting prints of a lot of my newer work soon.

I'll post an update about an online shop nearer the time.

Thanks everyone for the interest!