Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Cheltnam Illustration Awards 2009

My entry for the Cheltnam Illustration Awards has been highly commended.
This years topic was 'True Tales'


caitlin shearer said...

well done jack!
i like the look of all his underwater bubbles.

mark said...

Great image Jack, really well done!

david said...

well done with the show by the way and thank you for following me.

I still cant see a fav tab on your blog though

Isaac_Lenkiewicz said...

Excellent, right on.

Are you going to the exhibition on the 8th?

Mine got highly commended too.

Isaac_Lenkiewicz said...

Cheers man, yeah and yourself :)

Thankyou very much, I may have said this before but I've seen your stuff in soul life also and own 'creep' book and another one which I forgot the name of, infact I'm like 98% sure I've said this before..

I'm at PCAD at the moment doing my BA in illustration and print, which is actually pretty good.

Yeah, see you there indeed!